Keyhani Eye Associates are dedicated to the medical care of your eyes. For a decade, Keyhani Eye Associates have improved patients’ vision by leading innovative treatments in cataract and eyelid surgery. We gladly provide our blade-free laser assisted cataract surgery.

Our physicians and staff ensure exceptional care for you. Keyhani Eye Associates educates and supports you as you explore treatment options for various eye conditions including nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, cataracts, corneal disease, dry eye syndrome, and glaucoma. Our goal is to help you attain your highest quality of vision possible.

Dr. Kayvan Keyhani

Dr. Keely

Dr. Newton

Dr. Wenthen

We offer a wide range of services to the Yorktown Heights area, from complete eye care to the treatment of eye diseases. We offer glaucoma screening and treatment, cataract evaluation and surgery, dry eye treatments, diabetic eye examinations, and blepharitis care.

We also specialize in the latest techniques in small incision cataract surgery with expertise in the implantation of the newest intraocular lens implants.

We also offer a wide range of eyelid plastic surgery in our office including removal of unwanted lid growths, removal of excess fat and skin from the upper and lower eyelids, correction of inward turning (entropion) or outward turning eyelids (ectropion), treatment of adult and pediatric tear duct blockages, Botox therapy for blepharospasm and to reduce facial wrinkles, and treatment of Graves disease. Most of these services are covered by most insurance plans but we offer in office cosmetic surgery non-covered procedures at a reasonable price.