Laser-assisted cataract surgery means better healing, less downtime

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You may be surprised to learn, when having your yearly eye examination, that you are developing cataracts. The term is probably a familiar one, since many of your acquaintances have been diagnosed and treated for them. When hearing the news, you might think ‘I didn’t notice any change in my vision.’ — but the fact is that with cataracts, one’s vision is affected gradually. Left untreated, however, serious eyesight problems can occur.

According to Dr. Kayvan Keyhani, an ophthalmologic surgeon who performs cataract surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital in Cortlandt Manor, “A cataract is a cloudy area on the eye’s lens, which is located behind the iris and pupil. When a cataract forms, the protein in the lens, which normally keeps it clear so that light can pass through it, sometimes clumps together, and starts to cloud a small area.  As it grows, more of the lens is clouded, and vision is impaired, in some cases leading to blindness.â€

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